Artificial Cameras video streams.

This is smart cloud storage for security cameras, (bellow public available video-streams)

Run examples

As subscribe you will get additional services:

  • private access to yours video feeds (max 3 feeds + 4$ for every new additional feed)
  • notification service by eMail, SMS and Phone about all events on video feeds
Pay for 1 month + 1 month free 16 CAD:
Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Enter IP Camera url at this box

Warning: "By specifying IP Address or camera URL bellow you will share your link with all other subscribers. To make this link private your have to subscribe to payable version"

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  • Counting objects

    Appling existing Caffe CNN Model network to surveillance cameras live video streams to calculate occupancy number on video screen

  • Store Objects of interest:

    Any object of interest can be saved Trial version has only 1Gb storage to store statistic data, images and video

  • Check Objects behaviour :

    Check if object of interest behave accordingly. Recently updated nudity check . If person has naked nipples, brest and etc. notify immediatly by eMail, SMS or voice call You can buy full source code version of our cloud solution plus hardware (ARM computer) from our store :

Packed Full of Powerful Features